Culture, Capital & Communication: Visualising Chinese Borders in the 21st Century

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Dr Beccy Kennedy (Department of Art – Art Theory & Practice programmes & MA Contemporary Visual Culture, MMU) has been awarded a Research Networking grant of £26,505 by the AHRC for her project: Culture, Capital & Communication: Visualising Chinese Borders in the 21st century (CCC: VCB). The project will create a new international network of academics, curators, artists and designers from Britain, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Over 17 months (starting November 2014) she will organise five research-networking events at the partner venues, culminating in a summative conference at Manchester Metropolitan University. The Co-investigator, Dr Ming Turner, is a professor at the Institute of Creative Industries Design at National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan where a mid-project symposium will take place. Partner venues include Castlefield Gallery and the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art in Manchester and Community Museum Project with Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong.

The network aims to produce a cross-disciplinary and multi-institutional body of research on the topic of the effects of border crossings between China, Hong Kong and Taiwan upon art and design practice in Greater China as it operates under One Country, Two Systems.  Anticipated research outputs include an online database of Chinese, migratory artists, a series of recorded research laboratories and two symposia.

The network builds on the principal investigator’s and the co-investigator’s research and pedagogical pursuits into East Asian diasporic art, postcolonial art history, border politics and Taiwanese identities in contemporary art and design. The scheme works to strengthen the investigators’ links and experience established via Asia Triennial Manchester and other curatorial projects through its initiation and consolidation of a transnational, interdisciplinary and cross- institutional dialogue on the topic of the economics of Chinese border crossings in art and design. The investigators are currently also working together on a co-curatorial exhibition about border crossings in Asia and Dark Tourism for Asia Triennial Manchester, called Pop-up Republics. Kennedy recently gave a lecture series at National Cheng Kung University and contemporary galleries in Tainan with Alnoor Mitha, Research Fellow at MIRIAD. Future plans also include close cooperation between ICID and MMU in terms of collaboration on academic research and, hopefully, teaching and student exchange.

The core members of the CCC:VCB network include:

Sarah Fisher, Director of the Centre For Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA), King Chung Siu, Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Director of Community Museum Project (CMP), Kwong Lee, Director of Castlefield Gallery, Peiyi Lu – curator, at CFCCA and freelance, Ying Kwok – Hong Kong and Manchester based independent curator, as well as international key academics in the areas of Contemporary Chinese Art and Border Studies, including: Professor Jim Aulich from MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and Professor Paul Gladston from the University of Nottingham.

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