On 21/06/2016 by Marianna Tsionki

Location Strand Campus

Category Conference/Seminar

When 23 (09:00) – 24/06/2016 (18:00)


The Lau China Institute is proud to host the British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies Annual Conference 2016 on ‘Dynamic China’.

Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, China have entered a new phase. Widely referred to as the era of realising the ‘Chinese dream’ and building the ‘new normal’, it is commonly characterised by notions of ‘slow growth’, ‘anti-corruption’, ‘middle income status’, and ‘urbanisation’. At the same time, Xi’s push to rehabilitate Chinese culture and traditional Confucian values prompted both the Chinese society and China scholars to rethink China’s ideological, cultural and historical heritage. But what are exactly the changes in politics, economy, culture and society that have taken place under Xi Jinping, and what can be expected in the future? With the 13th five-year plan underway, China is faced with revaluation of its past, complexity of its present, and uncertainty of its future.

Now is the time to revisit old questions and develop new lines of academic inquiry. What is the future of China in a changing world? What is the true nature of power in China? How far has popular culture in China been influenced by the proliferation of new media? What impact has China’s popular and literary culture had in the non-Chinese speaking world? Is China’s pre-modern history still relevant today? What is the relationship between urbanisation and a consumption-led economic model? What can China’s foreign relations tell us about its global future? These are some of the questions that ‘Dynamic China: British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies 2016 Annual Conference’ explores.

Please note: registration for the conference is now closed and the programme is full.

The full conference programme is available here.


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