Bilingual China Design Trends Report by YANG DESIGN

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For those of you who are interested in understanding the coming design trends in China. Now you can preview the bilingual report by YANG DESIGN with macro lifestyle audit and 4 design trends via slideshare and issue.

2015-16 China Design Trends:

To begin with 2015-2016 trend forecasting, it is built based on researches of the 2013 social formation, consumption trends, and design expert interviews. With these researches and studies, we have prepared Chinese lifestyle forecasting and four different design macro trends. In each macro trend, we have provided corresponding CMF (color, material, and finish) proposals, which will be suitable for various design fields in China for 2015-2016. We strongly believed that when CMF elements are translated onto product design, it has the power to cater consumers’ emotional demands, so as to attract more potential consumers towards market success. And these are the resources and influences that we wish to bring to our readers with this book.

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