24. 11. 2015

How do you spell “ass” in Square Word Calligraphy? An encounter with Xu Bing

by Gloria Habes Hsu Xu Bing is an artist I have been admiring for years. I would even say he was one of the people who inspired me to face the four-year battle...

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24. 03. 2014

Review: Professor Lydia H. Liu on Phoenix and the art of Xu Bing

Now is the ideal time for those in New York to experience the work of Xu Bing (1955-), the world-renowned contemporary Chinese artist. Through January 2015, his monumental installation Phoenix, featuring two giant birds fabricated from construction...

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12. 03. 2014

To Understand The Meaning Of Chinese Censorship – Xu Bing Retrospective

When Xu Bing first moved to the United States, he didn’t speak English. In that respect, he was like many Chinese immigrants. But Xu was an artist, and his approach to learning the...

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17. 02. 2014

Artist: Xu Bing – Phoenixes Rise in China and Float in New York

VIEW SLIDE SHOW|11 Photos Phoenixes Rising at St. John the Divine Andrew Burton/Getty Images On a recent wintry afternoon, a team of eight was putting the final touches on a pair of monumental...

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23. 12. 2013

If you read one book this year…

Art-world luminaries, from Eli Broad and Marina Warner to Tim Marlow and Xu Bing, pick the best art books they read in 2013… Mark Jones Masterpieces of Chinese Painting, Hongxing Zhang, V&A Publishing,...

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12. 12. 2013

Discovery Channel to air new series on artists of Chinese descent

The Discovery Channel will air a four-part series beginning on Dec. 15 that will feature the works and creations of four world-class contemporary artists from Taiwan and China. The series, called Chineseness, represents...

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