Arts education in China can stimulate creative thinking

On 30/07/2013 by Site Default

Arts and education groups roll out a plethora of innovative activities to keep children occupied and stimulated over the long summer break.

But the programmes are often beyond the means of working-class families. Two non-profit organisations running workshops over the next few weeks hope to extend the experience to underprivileged children.

People are realising the benefits of art as an outlet for expression

The Osage Art Foundation (OAF), a non-profit organisation committed to building creative communities based in Kwun Tong, has come up with Pop!Site, three artist-led workshops in sculpture, painting and music for youngsters aged between six and 12.

Pop!Build, the first of the classes, was held last weekend, and saw sculptor Wong Tin-yan introduce children to basic woodworking as they turned scrap pallet wood into fun structures…


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