“Fiber visions” The Hangzhou Triennial 2013,

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On Friday September 21/ 2011 day two of  “Rewind into the Future; European Textile Networks 16th Conference which took place the opening weekend of the Kauno Bienalé Textile 11 the “Networking Sessions” took place. This format of less formal ten minute presentation in rapid fire secession is, in my experience, unique to the ETN meetings. It is the opportunity for twenty or so individuals representing schools, textile institutions and national or regional maker directed organizations to presented current and up and coming projects/ events they are working on. While showcasing the work they are also encouraged to request the cooperation of those of us attending to spreading the word while offering an invitation visit and/or to participate. Of these, the presentation of “Fibre Visions” by Shan Zeng of the China Academy of Art, and Shi Hui (Head of Fiber and Space Art Studio,and is a Director of the Hangzhou Triennial about the development of the first Hangzhou International Fibre Art Exhibition taking place in China in 2013, held the interest of the audience and is something to watch for.

Below is the text they provided us and a selection of images from recent exhibitions they presented at home and abroad…



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