CONFERENCE: Contemporary Art of Taiwan & East Asia – Edinburgh, 11-12 June 2014)

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Contemporary Art of Taiwan & East Asia (Edinburgh, 11-12 Jun 14)

Lecture Theatre 1, Minto House, University of Edinburgh, June 11 – 12, 2014

Beyond Islands: Contemporary Art of Taiwan and East Asia History of Art at the University of Edinburgh hosts an Spotlight Taiwan Art Forum on contemporary East Asian art, focusing on artists who received aboriginal Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western art inspirations and developed their own art into an unique visual presentation with a great diversity in East Asia now. Through the study of contemporary artists and policies in collecting and exhibiting Asian art in British national institutions and centres in the US, this event poses ‘Beyond Island’ as main theme and addresses four important strands in the making of and exhibiting contemporary art: “Artistic Practise,” “Writing ‘Histories’ of Contemporary Art,” “Local Colour and Global Vision: Exhibitions outside Asia,” and “Policy Development and Art Commissions: Challenges and Prospects.” The forum will focus on the challenges of staging East Asian art across lines of cultural difference, institutional affiliation and the boundaries between art and design. The programme aims to put the contemporary art in Taiwan and East Asia in a global context by investigating its artists, networks and policy development. It will be opened to public by reservation.

This event is kindly supported by Spotlight Taiwan: Contemporary Taiwanese Art, Culture and Cinema in Scotland, The Ministry of Culture of Taiwan, and Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh.


Spotlight Taiwan Lecture: Artistic Practise

11 June 2014, 15:00 – 17:30

Introduction by Prof. Roderick Whitfield (University of London)

15:10-16:10 Prof. Pao-Hsia Hsueh (Tainan National University of the Arts; Artist) “Hybrid Reality of Abstract Painting: My Artist Journey”

16:10-17:30 Chieh-Jen Chen (Artist) “Post-Photographic Art and History Writing” (Lecture and Screening)


Contemporary East Asian Art Forum 

12 June 2014, 9:00 – 17:30

09:00 Registration and Coffee

Panel 1 ‘Writing Histories’ of Contemporary Art

Chaired by Dr Alain George (University of Edinburgh)

09:30-10:10 Prof. Aida Yuen Wong (Brandeis University) “After Liu Guosong: Contemporary Shuimo in Taiwan and Hong Kong”

10:10-10:50 Prof. Shih-Ming Pai (National Taiwan Normal University)  “Documentary Photography, Identity and Cultures at the Edge in Contemporary Taiwan and Japan”

11:10-11:50 Dr. Chia-Ling Yang (University of Edinburgh) “Sex Matters-Issues in Contemporary Art of Taiwan and China”

11:50-12:30 Prof. Su-Hsing Lin (Tainan National University of the Arts) “The Art of Picture Book in Taiwan and Its Network of Signification”

Panel 2 Local Colour and Global Vision: Exhibitions outside Asia

Chaired by Dr Frances Fowle (National Scottish Gallery)

13:30-14:10 Prof. Young-Sook Pak (University of London) “Three Masters of Korean Contemporary Art”

14:10-15: 00 Prof. An-Yi Pan (Cornell University) “Exhibiting Culture as a Soft Power Strategy – the Role of Taipei Cultural Center, NY”

15:00-15:40 Dr. Wenny Teo (The Courtauld Institute of Art) “Of Islands and Prisons: Not Taiwan, Not China at the 2013 Venice Biennale”

Panel 3 Policy Development and Art Commissions: Challenges and Prospects

Chaired by Prof. Andrew Patrizio (University of Edinburgh)

16:10-16:50 Dr. Sook-Kyung Lee (Tate Research Centre: Asia-Pacific) “Beyond a Dichotomy: Tate and the Art of Asia Pacific”

16:50-17:30 Dr. Simon Groom (National Gallery of Modern Art, Scotland) “Keeping it Real”

17:30-18:00 Discussion and Reception


Conference location:

Lecture Theatre 1, Minto House,

20 Chambers Street, University of Edinburgh,

Edinburgh EH1 1JZ, Scotland (Map) (Download Programme)


Free Event, Email Dr Chia-Ling Yang and Dr Li-Heng Hsu for RSVP


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