Will China expel foreign journalists?

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Is China preparing for a mass expulsion of foreign correspondents? Even to ask the question sounds faintly ridiculous. Surely not. Not in this day of the internet and global communications. Not the new, confident, rising China that is opening and interacting with the rest of the world like never before. What could it possibly gain from such a step?

But it is a serious question. Many journalists here are wondering if two major American news organisations are about to be forced to close their China operations. At this time of year, all foreign correspondents in China have to renew first their press cards from the Foreign Ministry and then their visas from the police.

In an unprecedented move, China’s authorities appear to be withholding resident journalist visas for the entire foreign reporting staff of the New York Times and the financial news service Bloomberg, up to two dozen correspondents.

The reason is simple. Both organisations seem to be targets for breaking the great taboo of Chinese politics and journalism.

Both have published detailed investigations into the enormous wealth that is being amassed by the families of some of the ruling Communist Party’s most powerful families and clans, including those of the former Premier Wen Jiabao and the current President Xi Jinping.

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