Some of China’s Prominent Internet Voices

On 11/09/2013 by Site Default

Here are some popular people on Sina’s Weibo and some of their recent messages.

Kai-Fu Lee is a Taiwanese high-tech investor who lives in Beijing and has more than 50 million followers. He attracted nationwide news media attention last week when he revealed on Weibo that he has lymphatic cancer. On Aug. 23, near the start of the crackdown on the most influential bloggers, or Big V’s, Mr. Lee posted this: “Even faced with hardships and obstacles, I am full of confidence in China’s social media, because I’m sure that China is now nurturing many friends with a sense of social responsibility, and they will give China a better future!”


Yang Lan, a Chinese television celebrity with more than 34 million followers, usually sends messages about uncontroversial topics, including her interviews and philanthropic work. But recently, she has also criticized both restrictions on Internet expression and online attacks. She wrote on Aug. 23:

“Freedom of expression on the Internet, including voicing, debating and criticizing diverse points of view, is a force for social progress. But Internet rumors and freedom of expression are two different things, and we can all become victims of irrational linguistic violence. Whether it’s protecting citizens’ freedom of speech or protecting citizens’ rights to their reputation and privacy, both should ultimately rest on rule of law.”


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