13. 03. 2014

CONFERENCE: Contemporary Art of Taiwan & East Asia – Edinburgh, 11-12 June 2014)

Contemporary Art of Taiwan & East Asia (Edinburgh, 11-12 Jun 14) Lecture Theatre 1, Minto House, University of Edinburgh, June 11 – 12, 2014 Beyond Islands: Contemporary Art of Taiwan and East Asia History of Art at the University...

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12. 03. 2014

To Understand The Meaning Of Chinese Censorship – Xu Bing Retrospective

When Xu Bing first moved to the United States, he didn’t speak English. In that respect, he was like many Chinese immigrants. But Xu was an artist, and his approach to learning the...

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12. 12. 2013

Discovery Channel to air new series on artists of Chinese descent

The Discovery Channel will air a four-part series beginning on Dec. 15 that will feature the works and creations of four world-class contemporary artists from Taiwan and China. The series, called Chineseness, represents...

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10. 12. 2013

Call for papers: Special issue – Contemporary Curation: Theory and Practice

The International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries (IJCCI) is a new international journal organized by the Institute of Creative Industries Design, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. The journal is a multidisciplinary, double-blind...

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05. 11. 2013

‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ : Socially engaged practice in Asia – defying categorization

Socially engaged practice can be a problematic term regardless of language. In a western context it seems we are too easily driven to label artists with ‘social and community’, and often backlashed with...

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16. 08. 2013

TEA/ Super Connect – 2013 International Techno Art Exhibition

TEA/ Super Connect— 2013 International Techno Art Exhibition is curated by Shu-Min Lin, whose experiences include the curatorship for the Venice Biennial Taiwan Pavilion and the Ars Electronica Festival. The key direction of...

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