03. 02. 2015

Art Asia Pacific Review of latest Biljana Ciric book

Art Asia Pacific has recently published it’s review of A History of Exhibitions: Shanghai 1979 – 2006, by Shanghai-based independent curator Biljana Ciric. The publication documents a significant period in the development of the...

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13. 01. 2015

Lin Ke: OCAT 2014 Pierre Huber Prize Winner

Wenzhou-born artist Lin Ke recently became the first winner of the OCAT Pierre Huber Prize with his video installations Today and Traditional Romance. OCAT Shanghai is currently exhibiting the work of the inaugural Pierre Huber Prize...

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22. 05. 2014

Anselm Frankie to be Chief Curator for the 10th Shanghai Biennale

    The Organizing Committee of the Shanghai Biennale is pleased to announce that after careful consideration of numerous candidates by the Shanghai Biennale Academic Committee, Mr. Anselm Franke has been selected to...

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21. 02. 2014

Travel to China for the modern art revolution

The 798 Space in Beijing is plastered with cultural slogans (Picture: Alamy) Ever since Chinese contemporary art became the darling of the international market, hundreds of studios, galleries and private art museums have...

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18. 02. 2014

BBC Radio 3 – Shanghai: World City Redux

Rana Mitter reveals how Shanghai today is forging its identity as an ultramodern city – by rediscovering its glamorous past. In the years between the world wars, ‘Shanghai’ meant jazz and movies, dazzling...

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17. 02. 2014

Artist: Li Mingshen – A fascinating look into the lives of China’s homebodies

Photographer Li Mingshen from Shanghai Normal University put together this surprisingly captivating series of photos showing people…staying home. “I often think, ‘what do [people] do while they are staying at home alone, what’s...

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