21. 01. 2014

Artist: ‘She. Herself. Naked.’: The Art of He Chengyao

Wearing only underpants, He Chengyao faces the camera, the long acupuncture needles sticking out of her body making her look somewhat like a human porcupine. The performance art piece, now a video and...

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08. 08. 2013

Artist’s Take on Sexual Abuse Turns Ugly

Life imitated art, startlingly and crudely, in the city of Hai’an, north of Shanghai, when two men rushed the stage and groped the painter and performance artist Yan Yinhong as she danced “One...

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05. 08. 2013

What Do Chinese Women Want?

As “6” and “8” are auspicious numbers in Chinese culture, June and August are considered lucky months to get married. In the summertime, couples in wedding attire posing for photographers near parks and...

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