24. 03. 2014

Bloomberg Hints at Curb on Articles About China

  The chairman of Bloomberg L.P. said in a speech here on Thursday that the company should have reconsidered articles that deviated from its core of coverage of business news, because they jeopardized...

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07. 01. 2014

People to Watch in Asia in 2014

The newsmakers for 2014—from Tencent’s chief executive to Japan’s prime minister—selected by editors from across our Asian bureaus. Who do you think will make the news in Asia this year? CHINA: Wang Jianlin...

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22. 12. 2013


For the past three years, I lived in the middle of Beijing’s fortune-telling district. Business is booming for the soothsayers beside the Lama Temple, as Chinese customers, facing a time of extraordinary uncertainty,...

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31. 07. 2013

Gazing into the future of American business in China

The sixth-floor windows of the American Chamber of Commerce in China face onto Beijing’s boxy CCTV tower. I met Christian Murck, the chamber’s outgoing president, on a clear enough day to make out...

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30. 07. 2013

Permit lapse may ground construction of world’s tallest building in China

The plan to raise what would be the world’s tallest building in a dizzyingly fast time is in danger of not getting off the ground at all. According to reports in Chinese state...

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