China pollution fears pushing some foreigners out of country

On 05/08/2013 by Site Default

The Perk family has decided to move away from Beijing.

Ethan Perk, a wine importer originally from Chicago, is moving his family to Florida to escape the Beijing air. He said, “I’ve had 13 fantastic years, I’ve learned a lot about this market, had a lot of good experience — made some good money, and I don’t really want to leave — I really don’t — but I feel like we really have to.

Perk said he was dulled to the issue of air pollution, but that changed this January with a stretch of 14 or 15 days that he said were “really bad.” He recalled, “Around noontime it was as dark as night, and I think that was really the tipping point for us.”

There have been 67 days this year when the pollution reached levels where Chinese state media warned people to stay indoors.

In the past, even the U.S. Embassy tweeted that pollution levels were “crazy bad.”

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