TEA/ Super Connect – 2013 International Techno Art Exhibition

On 16/08/2013 by Site Default

TEA/ Super Connect— 2013 International Techno Art Exhibition is curated by Shu-Min Lin, whose experiences include the curatorship for the Venice Biennial Taiwan Pavilion and the Ars Electronica Festival. The key direction of TEA/ Super Connect is to decode the most vital feature of the era we are in. We live in a time that is closely connected to the culture of now: this sense of present-ness is observed in both online and offline domains, with the entire world tightly linked almost at all times. Digital media art is the child of the Super Connect union of art and technology, and its birth signifies the accumulation of various expressive modes and also special demands that fuse together knowledge and professionalism. The exhibition places emphasis on the complex and multifaceted connections between art and technology, and as matters and occurrences of different characteristics or of shared relevancies go through extreme impacts, focus is also placed on the spectacular phenomena that have emerged from the impactful unions. With the binding of the different connections, the exhibition prompts for the fusion of many incredible cultural elements. Through diverse unconventional creative approaches, a plethora of concepts derived from culture hybridity is presented in the Super Connect exhibition, with artworks that are designed to incite the audience’s visual sense and present various connections derived from cultural fusions, digital personas of robotic/biomimetic art, and new hybrid breeds. The core of the exhibition is centered on the genre of techno art, and through the artists’ imaginations to investigate the super connections between material and spiritual substances and real and virtual realms. The focus of Super Connect is placed on the integration of different media and expressions of new artistic forms. Additionally, the crossing of art, technology, and society is also another focal point of this exhibition. With the formation of new motivations amidst conflicting forces, it explores the dissipating parameters of identity and looks into strategies and frameworks pertinent to hybrid conditions…



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