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28 September – 3 November 2013

Preview 27 September

Elysium Gallery | Mission Gallery | Ragged School | Swansea Market | Swansea YMCA

Let’s see what happens… is a Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Offsite exhibition featuring the work of seven artists, four from Wales and three from China. It will take place in six venues in Swansea city centre and demonstrates a variety of working methods, including socially engaged practice, painting, video installation and performance.  Each space is distinct from the other, but the work of each artist  is connected by their shared experience of spending time together in Swansea, Xiamen and Shanghai. The exhibition revolves around the conversations they shared about their work, their lives, the places they live in, their diverse artistic methods and exchanges of ideas between one another.

All of the artists, using their own practice as a starting point, have explored ideas and produced work influenced by their own unique responses to this experience. Ritual, spirituality, sustainability, political protest in both China and the UK, merge and collide creating a unique and engaging series of installations across the city centre. However, above all, this is a conversation.

Karen MacKinnon, curator of the exhibition says:

“The title Let’s see what happens… began as a working title, reflecting the deliberate openness and calculated risk at the heart of this project to allow something to grow slowly over time.  It is deliberately open-ended, a question about how to work internationally, cross-culturally and collaboratively in a way which grows organically and enables a more meaningful interaction between not only the artists, but also local and international partnerships, organisations, audiences and communities who may be involved and touched by this project in some way”


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