Exhibition – Darker than Darkness, Death Beyond Death, Fire Burning Fire, Walking Down along the Stairway by CHEN Xiaoyun

On 05/09/2013 by Site Default

The solo exhibition Darker than Darkness, Death beyond Death, Fire Burning Fire, Walking Down along the Stairwayby Chen Xiaoyun will be opened on Sep 7th, 2013 at ShanghART Beijing. It will display the latest videos and photographs from the artist.

Aside from continuous poetic rhythm, Chen Xiaoyun’s new video works similarly reveal puzzled and absurd images strengthening the ferment narration. The artist considers characters and languages likewise as image experiences. The most recent series of photographs quietly fits the general tone of the exhibition, which represents a solemn and gradual beauty, moments of decay and darkness as well as a micro reality. Chen Xiaoyun’s visual experiences are full of absurdity, metaphors and interior monologues. The emotional expressions show not only a vent of the artist’s inner world, but also a strong anxiety towards the outside world.



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