Discovery Channel to air new series on artists of Chinese descent

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The Discovery Channel will air a four-part series beginning on Dec. 15 that will feature the works and creations of four world-class contemporary artists from Taiwan and China.

The series, called Chineseness, represents the channel’s first in-depth look at contemporary Chinese artists after World War II.

One of the four artists featured in the series is Yang Chi-hung, a Taiwanese artist living in New York, who graduated with a degree in western painting from the National Taiwan College of Arts in Taipei.

Yang’s works, which have been described in recent years as dynamic and exciting, combine the characteristics of Chinese water and ink works and colorful Western paintings.

Also featured is Li Chen, a sculptor who was born in 1963 in Yunlin county in western Taiwan. An exhibition of his work concluded recently in France.

Chinese artists Zhang Huan and Xu Bing will be the other two personalities covered by the series. The episode on Zhang will focus on his ash painting Winter Plum in February and one that depicts the marriage of Republic of China founding father Sun Yat-sen and Soong Ching-ling.

The show featuring Xu will take a close look at his art installation A Book from the Sky, which took him 25 years to create, and also his work A Book From the Ground that took 10 years.

The Discovery crew filmed the series in locations across the world, including Taiwan, China, New York and Paris.

It takes the audience on a journey of the artists’ lives and how they created their artistic vision to highlight the vitality and diversity of Chinese contemporary art in today’s world, according to Lin Dong-ming, the CEO of Discovery Northern Asia Channel.

The show’s four episodes will be aired at 9 pm every Sunday beginning Dec. 15, Lin said.


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