Artist: Tao (Hefei, Anhui)

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I established last year in the face of a street photography book clubs, friends who like to work the streets of photo sharing impress learn, there are many excellent photographers willing to generously share their work. Today, the introduction is only recently joined, I first saw his work, I feel his observation is very special, that he either very talented, or is one in a million strong will to do the work After the screening to share almost Zhang wonderful. His works a kind of black humor, a little clown-like mingled joys and sorrows, the picture of conflict, depression, and a sense of humor can often coexist, I sometimes stare at him for a long time to see all the works can not tell why I will always stare.

He called the Tao, from China, Hefei, water table was a copy of the workers. Perhaps because of his work must walk around the streets, just train him so special observation, the process of talking with him he was always modest, but his work puts his talent snarky, The following is an interview with Tao and his work. Photo a lot, but each one is great.Enjoy.
Please tell us about yourself
I was Tao, 31 years old, I am engaged in meter-reading work in China in Hefei, Anhui, a water company, the shuttle in the city’s streets every day, copy see on the ground more than a thousand pieces of various sizes caliber water meter has been five years. No educated, working very depressed, because I felt he did not play to their abilities. I really like street photography. Because I feel that they are viable. I have often been the reality to beat. I love life. Love their stuff pursue. But taste much blow. Because I have no qualifications or say anything else, I can not go to control their own destiny, so after work I chose to wander the streets, shooting those things absurd true. I hope that the efforts of a city showing the real side. I am eager to own the future can have a personal photography exhibition. Thank you for your support. I really helpless reality. I feel that they can not change destiny. But I am still full of fantasies about the future. This is me. Alive his street photography, let yourself forget the troubles of life.
Your career on what inspired your photography?
My career is an incentive for me, well, yes, I was a meter-reading workers, machinery and cumbersome, not much technical content, but I always felt I was street photographer, I have my own values.
Why do you like street photography?
Because I have found many worthwhile to record the screen, I like to capture the good things, there are those who try to ignore the scene. The first shot of his own to publish to a local street photography forum, subject to a lot of people like it, then post the picture won the annual Best pictures posted. Many people reply so I am very moved, I feel the touch of street photography is not only my own mind, that life in everyone a feeling. Just a different way of expression of each person. Everyone for supporting me so I started from 2011 has been published every month in a local forum posted a street photography. These make me feel the fullness of life.
Street photography mean to you?
Street photography is to express my own view of the world myself, because I am a sentimental person, although everyone is rushing for a living, everything is very interest of, but I still believe there is something pure. Those fleeting images of what can make me feel, I’ll go catch. Some absurd picture presentation, let me get inside his mind.
How would you describe your style of photography?
Reality and the ideal and the real absurdity of my style of photography is a mixed with humor and irony tragicomedy.
Favorite street photographer, why?
I really like street photographer Mr. Moriyama. Although he was not my style, and similar, I admire his understanding of photography, the atmosphere on the streets of fascination. The spirit of self-expression. He is truly understood the streets, his works have a strong personal style. Yes, he is still expressing his own inner world. I hope I have been able to trace his footsteps, shooting their own style of photographic film, he is my spiritual leader.

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