Ai Weiwei on Microblogging, Avoiding Apathy, and Cats: A Studio Visit

On 05/08/2013 by Site Default

Artist Ai Weiwei leads a diligent life offline, one of the ways he is able to remain phenomenally productive. “I get up around six or seven every morning, and I’m always the first one in the studio. I will have done several things before anyone else comes in,” the 56-year-old Ai says.

Typically, he spend his mornings surfing the Internet, arranging works, and meeting visitors, while in the afternoon he goes for a walk and spends time with his family. Additionally, throughout the day he constantly posts messages on Twitter, something he has described as part of his artistic practice.

Before Ai was a microblogger, he was a prolific blogger. He started in 2005 with a site hosted bySina, which became one of the most trafficked blogs in China before it was shut down in 2009. The following year he published a collection of his essay-length posts entitled Time and Place


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