Art Stage Singapore 2014: We Are Asia

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Discover The Best Asian Contemporary Art

The last three years have positioned Art Stage Singapore as a top global marketplace, attracting the world’s most influential private art collectors, corporate buyers and VIPs. At the crossroads between Southeast Asia, China, India, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, Art Stage Singapore is the flagship cultural event of the region and the place to experience Asian Contemporary Art at its best.

There has been a significant global shift towards Asia with an underlying momentum for Southeast Asia. This is no different for the art market, with Southeast Asian cities becoming the new power centres of Asian contemporary art.

With its strong Asian identity and its support of art scenes in the region, Art Stage Singapore cooperates with Asian galleries, artists and collectors to create a distinctive matchmaking and networking platform. Art Stage Singapore features a three to one ratio of Asian to western galleries.

Never-seen-before Presentation on Asia

Asia is often perceived as a seamless and interconnected region. The fact is, however, that the art scenes of Asia remain fragmented and disconnected from one another. Art Stage Singapore is bridging this divide with the introduction of an innovative new format that allows for a diverse, considered and comprehensive presentation of the best contemporary art from Asia.

With a special focus on Southeast Asian art scenes (Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar), Art Stage Singapore presents the largest international showcases of Southeast Asian contemporary art to date.

Art Stage Singapore is the rendezvous point for the Asian art world as it plays host to important gatherings and exchanges between collectors, artists, curators and gallerists. It facilitates and encourages discourse on Asia’s contemporary art scenes, and brings art specialists and enthusiasts together, under one roof.

Singapore: Asia’s New Art Capital

Anchored in Singapore, Art Stage Singapore is also a showcase of the city-state’s rising importance as an art centre for the region. With the establishment of the international art gallery cluster, Gillman Barracks, as well as the new National Art Gallery, the Singapore Art Museum, the Singapore Biennale, the Singapore Freeport, and the flagship art event, Art Stage Singapore, the city has successfully leveraged its strength and influence as Asia’s top private wealth management centre to create the best art and culture offering in the region, and to provide its residents and visitors the highest possible quality of life in Asia.


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