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Friends of PLTFRM Little Victories gallery (established earlier this year) rolls through the city in a converted 3 wheeler (三轮车)。 We’ve all heard the term pop-up these days (shop, store, etc.). Little Victories goes one step further as a pop-up gallery.

Founded by Katie Surridge, Julian Palacz and Stefano Ogliari Badessi, Little Victories aims to take art where it’s not normally found. Each showing stops at a different location, features a different artist and different work. The mediums vary as much as the location as up until now we’ve seen multi-media, sketch, installation, and photography on the bund, in the former French concession, and at M50.

Us the gallery goers experience an impromptu vernissage. Each showing has its own unique characteristic, which blend elements of the location and the passers-by with the art. Check them out and join for the next showing.


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