Chinese art through 28 artists – The Rubell Family Collection

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With this year’s exhibition “28 Chinese”, the Rubell Family Collection, the museum of one of Miami’s leading art collecting families, offers visitors a walk through the world of contemporary Chinese Art—a tapestry of symbols, history, customs, taboos and social contradictions through the eyes of 28 emerging artists, whose work the couple acquired during their visits to more than 100 studios in China.

“There is something essential in the experience that we get visiting the studio. For us, because the artist is so new and oftentimes they haven’t even had a solo exhibition, the studio represents entering the inner, inner sanctum of the artist’s practice and life,” Mera Rubell says. “We always feel like someone is letting us into a very intimate experience about who they are, why they make the work, and it gives us a real opportunity to engage.”…

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