Construction Vs. Criticism: Galaxy Soho and Sky City come under fire

On 20/08/2013 by Site Default

On the face of it, Galaxy Soho, Beijing and Sky City in Changsha might not have much in common.

One’s a mixed-use prestige project designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, with eggish curves straight out of science fiction, while the other is a prefabricated skyscraper that attempts to provide enough self-contained amenities so 30,000 residents hardly ever have to leave the building.

That includes malls, schools, offices, a retirement home, and even vegetable farms.

Although they’re dissimilar in scope and function, the two projects have both recently been the target of criticism.

Aiming to surpass the Burj Khalifa’s height by 9.8 meters (32 ft) to become the world’s tallest building in 2014, Sky City is the ambitious vision of Zhang Yue, an air conditioning mogul who was deemed China’s most environmentally-conscious tycoon by the New York Times in 2010. With Sky City, Zhang claims his goal is to create an ultrahigh building to curb urban sprawl and save energy with prefab steel and concrete blocks, an unprecedented undertaking for a building of such magnitude…


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